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The goal of career coaching is to help professionals make better career planning decisions using a solution-based approach, whether you're starting out in your career or you're a seasoned professional needing guidance taking that next step. Partner with a career coach today to learn how to make smart professional choices that are right for you and do it with confidence.
  • Noelle Amann

    Noelle Amann
    Noelle Amann Founder, NG Career Strategy

    Noelle Amann is a career strategy expert, speaker, thought-leader and founder of , a one-stop shop for job seekers hoping to navigate a pain-free job search and land a job in less time than the average. Noelle has a background in executive recruiting for F500 companies and applies her former hiring/recruiting expertise to teach job seekers the best approach for branding and landing a job. Noelle brings a shrewd headhunter prowess, fun-loving practical perspective and element of fresh to the career world. Noelle specializes in working with job seekers across all industries and levels of experience.

    Areas of expertise include:

    • Resume, Cover Letter, and Linkedin Profile writing
    • Linkedin Job Search Strategy
    • Job Search Step-by-Step Processes
    • Interviewing
    • Networking

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